The Best Aftercare For Your Clients Lashes

Lets admit it we are all tired of spending an extra 15-20 mins out of lash application time cleaning clients lashes.The problem is clients are more time not even aware that they actually need to clean their lashes daily and even if they do how exactly do you even clean the lashes ? 😉 I know it may sound impossible but believe me - you can effectively convert your clients to daily lash washing. Yay!

Before each application spend 30 secs encouraging your client t purchase a lash cleanser and teach them how to actually clean the lashes i'm sure once they are taught they will actually make the effort to clean they're lashes daily.

You have to remember that the average woman cares about every single detail, especially if it's about her beauty routine and if its going to encourage the lash life of their extensions its a no brainer.

'So what should I recommend?' - A professional lash cleanser. Your clients need a product they can trust, something you trust and one you’re sure works.

We stock foam cleanser which any lash artist and consumer can use , its gentle on the eyes and causes no irritation plus it has a nice clean smell. All our foam cleanser are sold with a mini cleansing brush to help you get a good deep clean along the lash line.

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